Property Investment Accountant

Property investment is one of the most common types of investments. 

Property investing is an enormous business and if done properly, can quickly become highly profitable.

Building your portfolio can be very time consuming and a lot of hard work, so ensuring you have your tax return filed to HMRC is not always on top of your list of priorities. The best possible way moving forward is to get an accountant, not just an any ordinary accountant but a Property Tax Specialist accountant.

At JSM, we work alongside many property investors. We give professional and knowledgeable advice daily to those clients who just need a little guidance or to those with more complex queries.

Your own personal account manager will do all the difficult work for you. They will be able to help you with several things such as, setting up your business structure and making sure your accounts are spot on. This includes you paying as little tax as you possibly can which is a great situation to find yourself in.

We personalise our investment package to you and your business requirements. Please call our expert advisers who can process you a tailored quote.

TIP – Allowable property expenditure can be deducted from rental income; this is called your assessable property income which you are taxed on.

Allowable expenditure can include – business rates, water rates and Council tax.