The challenge most entrepreneurs face is ensuring the businesses' finance department and tax strategy withstand the development of the business.

Entrepreneurs possess certain qualities that set them apart regardless of external motivation and skill. They have a unique ability to identify opportunities, resolve issues, all whilst challenging the status quo in order to develop their business and break through boundaries. 

As an entrepreneur you should be focused on running and developing your business, not managing your accounting systems and processes.

At JSM, we are experts in this sector working with a large number of growing, passionate and successful entrepreneurs around the globe. We know exactly what to look out for.

At the forefront of the service we provide to our entrepreneurial clients is tax and structure planning followed by accounting and compliance services. This approach ensures that you have the most efficient structure in place and continue to do whilst remaining compliant.

We can advise on a range of issues, not limited to; business structuring, passing the family business to the next generation, tax efficient exits, and much more.