JSM Easter Egg-Stravaganza | Donating 300 Eggs to the Vulnerable & Elderly

Thanks to generous donations, we were able to donate 300 easter eggs to care homes around Peterborough.

By Sacha Peebles

On the 24th of March 2021 at JSM HQ the team gathered together and discussed what we could do to give back to the community. 

Together we decided to raise money to donate Easter eggs to the elderly and vulnerable in the local area of Peterborough. Our aim was to spread cheer to the elderly this Easter as many have not been with their families for over a year due to the COVID-19 restrictions.  

The target was set to £250 which would equate to at least 250 easter eggs. In the end we raised £300 which meant 6 different care homes around Peterborough could benefit. We emailed all of our clients kindly asking them to donate, as did friends and family of the JSM team. Managing Director Joshua Tharby kicked the fundraiser off with £50 from his own pocket!

We raised £305 within 9 days which was a brilliant turn out as we weren’t expecting to hit over our initial target. 1st of April 2021 at 9am on the dot, we set out to the supermarkets to purchase 300 Easter eggs.  

 After visiting 4 different shop without any chocolate eggs, we were informed there was a shortage of Easter eggs this year. We finally arrived at Morrison’s where we managed to grab 65 eggs off the shelf which cleared them out entirely

After visiting no less than 7 different supermarkets we managed to venture into Poundland where we got 159 eggs. Afterwards we then set off to our first care home, PJ Care. Thorpe Hall Hospice and The Maltings Care home were up next, and we donated another 160 Easter eggs. Our final destination was Sainsbury’s to purchase the last of the eggs, then we went on to deliver to Park House nursing home and Hampton Grove care home where another 76 eggs were delivered 

Check out the full video of us egg hunting and then dropping them off at the care homes here. 

Overall it was a very successful and rewarding day to say the least, a massive thank you to everyone who donated!